What are the specific uses of iron oxide black?

Perhaps a lot of people for the iron oxide black is not very understanding, but the product is a very good use of the product, the specific performance is also very good. Of course, the current application of the product is also very wide, then you are concerned about the content of this is very concerned about it?

At present, the scope of application of the product is very wide, especially for the production of some magnetic materials. And the product is currently in medicine is also a very wide range of uses, tumor treatment, cell separation and other aspects can be used in the material, in medicine has a very prominent contribution. In addition, the use of the product is very extensive in all aspects of magnetic recording materials, abrasives, primers, topcoats and so on. So I hope you can be more serious attitude to pay attention to this aspect of the content, so that you will be able to use the product of the most fundamental understanding, to better understand the specific characteristics of the product, with better use of results.

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