Is iron oxide red toxic?

First, iron oxide is not a dangerous chemical, but an iron oxide, not to mention ferric oxide (Fe2O3), mainly containing iron ions, and iron ions are not toxic, iron is an essential element of the human body, so the food plus The iron oxide red food will not be harmful to the human body, because the iron oxide red with the formation of ferric chloride, non-toxic, so iron oxide is not toxic; but we have to dialectically see the problem, if the intake too much , By the dissolution of gastric acid generated by the ferric chloride ionization of iron ions beyond the human standard, it will make people poisoning, so consumption of iron oxide red food should not be excessive.

Iron oxide can be added as a feed additive to the livestock to help the growth of animal animals, such as health can be made to supplement the pigeons in the feed intake of nutrients and trace elements, is very conducive to pigeon digestion, the specific formula is: 25% of sand, shellfish (diameter 0.8 cm below) 20%, gypsum 5%, salt 3%, old lime 5%, charcoal 5%, trace element additive 7%, bone meal (fry) 15%, loess 10 %, Gentian grass 1%, licorice 1%, egg yin 1%, pecking feather 1%, 0.5% of a variety of vitamins, red iron oxide 0.5%.

Iron oxide is a non-polluting environmentally friendly products, but in the production process, it will inevitably be some harmful substances, such as will produce a lot of iron oxide dust. Long-term inhalation of this production of dust, can cause flu-like symptoms of metal smoke, including inflammation, chills, chest tightness, cough, mouth metal taste. Followed by eyelid irritation, permanent eye conjunctival staining, bronchitis and chronic cough. And then cause “iron-tail”, also known as “iron pneumoconiosis.” In order to avoid this harm to the human body, the production process to pay attention to respiratory protection, such as wearing self-contained positive pressure full facepiece respirator, air supply positive pressure full facepiece respirator supplemented by self-contained positive pressure breathing and so on.

The production of iron oxide red for the manufacturers of production technology and equipment requirements are very strict, for the production of harmful substances, to be promptly dealt with, can not give people around the center of the impact of harm. If the substance or contaminated fluid enters the waterway, notify downstream users of potential water pollution, notify local health, fire officials and pollution control departments to properly handle the environmental impact of the hazard.

On the other hand, iron oxide red on the current has a lot of resistance, can absorb water, can be conductive, it may become a dangerous reason for the use of electrical appliances, resulting in poor current, resulting in short circuit and so on. This can directly harm people’s lives, so we pay more attention to work and life.

Iron oxide red is mainly used in industrial applications, widely used in paint, rubber, plastic cosmetics, building fine grinding materials, precision metal equipment, optical glass, enamel, cultural and educational supplies, leather, magnetic alloy and advanced alloy steel coloring. Food grade iron oxide red is a high-tech product of iron oxide red type. In our daily work life also plays an important role, such as goods, medicines, cosmetics, make-up oil coloring and other fields.

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