Iron oxide black refining ways and new preparation methods

Iron oxide black is a mysterious iron oxide material, color is black, and more iron oxide black witnessed the mystery. Emerging prepared as microwave method, carbonyl body before pyrolysis method, ultrasonic method, air oxidation, pyrolysis – reduction method, the polyol reduction method is becoming a hot research scholars. In the process related to the preparation of Fe3O4, the novel surfactant system, it has also prepared a breakthrough. In fact, iron oxide black just alias tetroxide body, the general name for scientific or in the iron oxide-based.

The method of iron oxide black nano-technology is more cost-precipitation, precipitation due to its simple process operating low cost, high purity, uniform composition, suitable for mass production, the most common method for producing nanoparticles. At the same time, by adding the mixture to precipitate the organic dispersant or complexing agent may improve the dispersion of the nanoparticles, the nanoparticles to overcome the shortcomings of easy to join. Commonly used precipitation has co-precipitation method, hydrolysis precipitation method, ultrasonic precipitation method, hydrolysis of metal alkoxides and chelates decomposition method. Note also that the black iron nano precipitation method when the precipitation is also divided into a variety of use of the corresponding precipitation, it needs to produce the corresponding iron oxide black.

Nano-based method is to have a iron oxide black hydrothermal method, about the general chemical reaction at high temperature and pressure in an aqueous solution (organic solvent) such as steam or fluid carried. Hydrothermal synthesis is the last ten years developed a process for producing nano-powders, small particle size Fe3O4 prepared by this method, more uniform particle size, does not require high-temperature calcination pretreatment, and to achieve multivalent ions doped miscellaneous. However, due to hydrothermal method requires the use of high temperature, high pressure equipment, and therefore this method is high cost, difficult to achieve large-scale production. This method is the use of inorganic salts and organic fusion hair, but also the most common use.


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