Natural Iron Oxide Pigments

Natural Iron Oxide Pigment is formed from one or more ferrous or ferric oxide and many other impurities such as clay, manganese or organics. The most important source of Natural Iron Oxide Pigments is Hematite, which is a oxide of iron having red color. The color of hematite varies from yellow to brown, such as siennas, umbers and ochers. But, these pigments can also be derived from another iron ore, i.e. Magnetite having a black color. The main characteristics of natural iron oxide pigments are: these are light fast, non bleeding, nontoxic and weather resistant.

Uses of Natural Iron Oxide Pigments

Natural Iron Oxide Pigments have various unique properties so these pigments are used for various purposes that include: coloring of concrete block, outdoor paintings and in other construction materials. The maximum mining and procession of natural iron oxide is done in USA. Pigments are used in paints, wood and paper stains, linoleum, oilcloth, mortar, plaster, rubber, brick, and other pigmented materials.

(This article comes from Kolorjet Chemicals editor released)

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